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Nicholas Sirigo:

Nikos Santorini Weddings & Events Travel Consultant

We are licensed by the Greek Ministry of Tourism & The Greek National Tourist Organization.
License number: 1167 E 60 00 00 3290 1
Our priority is to personalize your wedding event in Santorini and will be at your service providing whatever is needed, offering elegant, upscale and affordable wedding packages.

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Nicholas Sirigo was born on the island of Santorini, Greece from Greek-American parents. At the age of 15 he immigrated to New York USA. After graduating from John Bowne High school, he continued his studies in Aeronautical Engineering and Computer Science. However, his love for family, tradition and adventure brought Nick back to Santorini 25 years ago.

Today, he runs a very successful business on the island. Nick is a wonderful travel agent. He also specializes in wedding planning, professional photography and private tours.

In 2011 he was appointed from the USA embassy in Greece as the USA Warden. That means that he is the official representative for all the American tourist and population of Santorini, in 2012 he was presented the Leadership Award by the Bureau of Consular Affairs for his exemplary response to the tragic accident to an American Citizen visiting the island. Nick carries a certificate in "crisis management" from the U.S. Embassy in Greece and he is always happy to help and give information not only the the people that are coming to Santorini from America but all the tourist that are visiting this beautiful Island.

So feel free to trust him for anything you might need, he is well known and capable of best prices and services in Santorini !



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