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Greek Orthodox Ceremony, most of the Greek Orthodox ceremonies are performed inside the church. The best way to enjoin a Greek wedding is to choose a church that is on the cliff site of Santorini, so you can take sunset pictures after the ceremony.
Depending on the priest we may be able to arrange for the ceremony to be performed outdoors!
One of you must be Greek Orthodox and baptize in the Greek Orthodox Church and the other baptized in the Christian faith. The ceremony is performed in Ancient Greek onlyand and it last about 45 minutes. With the below stated documentation your wedding in Santorini will be internationally recognized

.Requirements For a Greek Orthodox wedding in Santorini


BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATES  for bride and groom

LETTER OF CELIBACY, a certificate provided by the Greek Orthodox Church giving you consent and freedom to get married

Both parties must obtain a "full" Birth Certificate as the "shorter"
version of the Birth Certificate will not be acceptable
(obligatory with Apostille Stamp)

SINGE STATUS LETTER / LETTER OF NO IMPEDIMENT (from your local registrar's office/town hall) for both bride and groom or marriage license. This needs to be translated.

DIVORCE CERTIFICATE/ DECREE IF ANY. Certificate to be obtained from the judge AND from the Church if you had a previous Greek Orthodox wedding. The divorce decree requires translation in Greek. Translation in Greek is only required for the page's) that carry the court's decision and not for the whole divorce settlement.

If one of you is Catholic or any other religion you will both have to sign a specific document with one of our lowers in Santorini when you come, that your the children who will come from this wedding will be baptized in the Greek Orthodox church.

This service is included in our wedding packages. ( you don't pay extra for this)

All your wedding documents has to be translated ONLY from Greek authorities, such as a Greek Consulate or Embassy (in your country).

APOSTLE STAMP (APOSTILLE) - Click for explanation of an Apostille After you gather all your documents you have to send them for  Apostille Stamps, and then get them translated.

When all the documents are ready you have to send them to us via fax or e mail to check if everything if in order for your wedding date.

 You have to be in Santorini at least 3 working days before the wedding date.

Important notes

  • Please note that all Documents requested above (except the divorce decree, death and adoption certificates) must be issued no more than 3 months prior to the wedding date or else they will not be valid.
  • We need to have a copy of all authenticated translated documents at least 30 days prior the wedding in order to make sure that nothing is missing and that everything will be accepted by the municipality of Santorini for the wedding. First you get all the documents, then the Apostile stamps and in the end the translation.
    Our Fax Number:  + 30 22860 28116
  • Please bring all your original documents with you to Greece.
  • We have to go the next day after your wedding to our town hall to register the wedding at the registry office. You will get your marriage certificate for our Town hall in about one month later in Greek. If you wish to make translations of this document, you can do it with any accredited translator of your area. ( you don't need to go through  the Greek Embassy again )





  • Πιστοποιητικα Αγαμιας απο την ενορια σας επικυρωμενα απο το οικειον Μητροπολιτη.
  • Πιστοποιητικο Βαπτισεως Ορθοδοξου χριστιανου απο την ενορια σας επικυρωμενα απο το οικειον Μητροπολιτη.
  • Πιστοποιητικο Βαπτισεως αν ενας απο τους δυο ειναι απο αλλη θρησκια.
  • Πιστοποιητικα οικογενειακης καταστασης απο τον Δημο η' κοινοτητα που υπαγεστε
  • Πιστοποιητικα γεννησεως απο τον Δημο η' κοινοτητα που υπαγεστε.
  • Εαν ο ενας ανηκει σε αλλο δογμα (Καθολοικος, Προτεσταντης η Αγγλικανος) τοτε χρειαζεται συμβολαιογραφικη πραξη οτι τα τεκνα θα βαφτιστουν Ορθοδοξοι.
  • Δηλωσεις του νομου 105
  • Φωτοτυπιες διαβατηριων η' Ελληνικων ταυτοτητων.
  • Σε περιπτωση διαζυγιου το πρωτοτυπων διαζευκρτηριον εκκλησιαστικου η'/και πολιτικου γαμου.
  • Τα εγγραφα θα ειναι μεταφρασμενα στην Ελληνικη γλωσσα απο το Ελληνικο Προξενειο η την Ελληνικη Πρεσβεια της χωρας σας με σφραγιδα Χαγης η' του υπουργειου εξωτερικων της Αθηνας.
  • Τα εγγραφα πρεπει να ειναι στα χερια μας 1 μηνα πριν τον γαμο.
  • Αν τα δικαιολογητικα δεν ειναι πληρη, αδεια δεν διδεται.

See original document  from our Church >>

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