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All inclusive wedding packages!

Santorini Caldera View Wedding Ceremony and Reception

All inclusive package


»Your wedding ceremony will be held at Athermi Restaurant, which has a beautiful view of the caldera and its dramatic cliffs. Just as the locals have on their wedding day, we will provide you with musicians who will play traditional music as you make your way to your ceremony.  The private terrace will be available toy ou for as long as you wish. Many couples take advantage of this and arrange a champagne reception, so the wedding party can enjoy the magical sunset that the island has to offer. 

Your reception will also be held at Athermi Restaurant, which has some of the best traditional cuisine the island has to offer.

Our all inclusive package for 35 persons includes:

• Pre-wedding planning consultation with your wedding planner in Santorini
• Wedding venue booking
• Registration and filing of documents in Santorini
• Associated fees
• Wedding Coordinator fees
• Mayor & Maid of witness
• Marriage licence
• Escort for relevant paperwork to be completed in Santorini
• Private wedding ceremony at Athermi restaurant terrace
• Private hire of the terrace for the ceremony
• Traditional trio of Santorinian musicians serenading couple’s arrival and wedding for one hour
• Wedding coordinator for the duration of your wedding
• Bridal bouquet
• Matching boutonniere for the Groom
• Wedding cake (serves 35)
• Altar table dressed with a lace tablecloth
• Photographer (2 hours, to include one hour photo shoot at beautiful spots around the island)
• CD with 150 high res photos
• Return transfer from hotel to ceremony and then reception for bride and groom
• Return transfer from hotels to ceremony and then to reception for your guests (33)
• Traditional wedding reception for 35 at taverna with private open view and bar and two waiters, featuring a 4 course meal (please ask for menus)
• Santorini Weddings arrangement fees
• Complimentary and personalised Guide to Santorini for you and your guests
• Complimentary Checklist to help you plan your special day
• Complimentary wedding tips and advice up until your wedding day


Welcome drink at the restaurant after the ceremony (choice of frozen cocktail, ouzo or sparkling wine) for 35 people.

Reception buffet meal for 35 people consisting of:

Salads:Rocket salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, graviera from Crete  and balsamic sauce OR Traditional Santorini salad with cherry tomatoes , local cucumber called ‘’katsouni’’, cappers, extra virgin olive oil and feta cheese

Cold appetizers: Tomato balls from cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs

Hot appetizers: spanakopitakia (traditional mini spinach pies)

Keftedes (Traditional meatballs using the finest ingredients, no sauce) served with pita bread

Loukanika (Greek sausage, a blend of pork, wine and spice)

Main dishes: Lamb Kleftico (lamb shank slowly oven cooked with herbs until tender, served with salad and aromatic basmati rice). OR

Pork chops    marinated in herbs and charcoal grilled on skewers

Dessert: Fresh season fruits Yogurt with grapes spoon sweet

Kids: Greek burger patties, (beef burgers) and chips


Spaghetti bolognese

This package is €5,415 euros, which can be custom-made for your guest number and preferences.

For more information on bookings and alternative options, please contact us.



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